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How common our complaining! We complain about job stress, family conflicts, financial challenges, church coldness, the weather seems  too hot  or too cold, too wet or too dry, then when serious problems of an extended duration arise, we complain on a deeper level as we are experiencing in this era …

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How often we use the expression TGIF – Thank God, it’s Friday. Teachers sigh with relief as the weekend approaches. Factory workers seek a change of pace from the tiring routines of the assembly line. Wall Street traders leave the hectic noise of the exchange. TGIF – Thank God, It’s …

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Many righteous people saw the wicked prospering at their expense. They were filled with anger and worry. But the anger and worry only led them deeper into trouble. We survey the past year and see many difficult and is discouraging events. We cry out for help. All the while we …

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Israel is afraid as they camp on the eastern banks of the Jordan River. Within eyesight, the Promised Land flows with milk and honey. But strong, hostile tribes rule Canaan. Israel must defeat these alleged giants. Moses has just dropped the bombshell that he will not enter the new land …

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Another year draws to a close. Time for reflection on the old year and anticipation of the New Year. The verse gives the standard: “Love one another deeply, from the heart’’ (1 Peter 1:22). Love is described as “sincere” and as “deep.” Has your love held steady or fluctuated erratically …

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