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How common our complaining! We complain about job stress, family conflicts, financial challenges, church coldness, the weather seems  too hot  or too cold, too wet or too dry, then when serious problems of an extended duration arise, we complain on a deeper level as we are experiencing in this era …

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How often we use the expression TGIF – Thank God, it’s Friday. Teachers sigh with relief as the weekend approaches. Factory workers seek a change of pace from the tiring routines of the assembly line. Wall Street traders leave the hectic noise of the exchange. TGIF – Thank God, It’s …

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Teaching was a highly valued and respected profession in Jewish culture. Many Jews who embraced Christian wanted to become teachers’. James warned that although it is good to aspire to teach, the teacher’s’ responsibility is great because their words affect others’ spiritual lives. If you are in a teaching or …

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