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The Abelemkpe Youth of the Church of Apostles Revelation Society, inaugurated their keep fit club in the early hours of  Saturday, 5th October, 2019 at exactly 5:17 am with some jogging and other keep fit related activities. It was spearheaded by the youth of the ARS Abelemkpe branch under the …

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“Zamar 2019; Success in the Making”

Christians often speak of “Praising God,” and the Bible commands all living creatures to praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6). One Hebrew word for “praise” in the Old Testament is Zamar. These term contains the idea of giving thanks and honor to one who is worthy of Praise.Choral music always feels …

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Selah! A Moment of Singing Praises to God

Exactly a week ago, the voice of two of the favourites Youth Choirs in ARS were heard as the Harbour City (Tema) was shut down with quality musical tunes. It is said music is a language and it has its own way of getting to people positively, Two of Mid- …

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PHOTOS: ARS Greater Accra Region Youth Choral Competition

The Greater Accra Region Youths Choral competition  is currently rolling out at ARS Adenta among 5 youth Choirs; Adenta Salvation Youth Choir  Madina Main Youth Choir, Abelenkpe Youth Choir, Pigfarm Youth Choir and Aayalolo Youth Choir all from the Greater Accra region. ARS Digital Media will give you vivid update …

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