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How common our complaining! We complain about job stress, family conflicts, financial challenges, church coldness, the weather seems  too hot  or too cold, too wet or too dry, then when serious problems of an extended duration arise, we complain on a deeper level as we are experiencing in this era of COVID-19.

You know the serious plight of Job, who suddenly lost his possessions, his children, and his health. Sitting in rags on a dung heap, he faced stark reality and cried out in the words of our text (Job 10:1-7). He did not understand, and asked God why he was suffering. He tried to maintain his own innocence and wondered when God would vindicate him.

Ultimately job learned not to complain but to accept God’s authority as Creator. He also learned to trust in God’s love for him. No human arguments can suffice. We sin and deserve nothing but punishment. Like Job, we voice our complaints against God and others. We despair of ourselves and wish to place blame on someone else. God also silences our complaints. We realize that we are sinful and that God is holy. But with our complaints silenced, we listen to His voice and hear a word of love. His Son endured all the pain, injustice, and punishment of a sinful world. No complaints from His lips. Silent before His tormentors, He went willingly to death on the cross for us. He lives, and so shall we. Complaints transformed to thanksgiving and praise!

Reference: Job  10:1-7

Written by: Pius Kedem Sedofia

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