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Israel is afraid as they camp on the eastern banks of the Jordan River. Within eyesight, the Promised Land flows with milk and honey. But strong, hostile tribes rule Canaan. Israel must defeat these alleged giants. Moses has just dropped the bombshell that he will not enter the new land with them. They feel desperate without his leadership. They fail to seek God for courage and strength.

On the threshold of a new year, with the parties over, the noisemakers silent, and the business of daily living ahead, we need the words of Moses as greatly as Israel did. The events of the New Year lie hidden from gaze. Perhaps the international situation will worsen or nature will unleash its fury to destroy buildings and people. Perhaps your family will experience major troubles. Like Israel, we often face the future anxiously and fearfully. We too frequently fail to look to God for strength and courage.

But Moses reassures Israel. And we know that the God of Moses will likewise enter the year new year with us. We have the even greater assurance that God’s Son, born in Bethlehem’s stable, permitted Himself to be forsaken by the Father so we might never be forsaken by God. Jesus experienced the fear and despair of being alone as He shouldered our burdens on Calvary. We can say with the confidence of Moses: “The LORD Your God ….will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Deuteronomy 31:6). So bring on the New Year, unknown, fraught with trails, filled with challenges, but marked by God’s presence and promise. A fearless new year to all of you!

REFERENCE: Deuteronomy 31:1-8

Written by: Pius Isaac Sedofia

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