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Ebenezer, this is how far the Lord has brought us. What can we do than to rejoice in the glory of the Lord for this journey.

Exactly 80 years ago, the church of Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) was founded with 7 children through Mawu fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu with the aim to create a society of Christians with an African identity.

His dream was to reach out to the world by propagating the Gospel and building the kingdom of God and to make sure generations upon generations do not perish.

It is easy to say that with the earlier method of bringing Christianity to Africa, we forgot many of our traditions, ceremonies and celebrations including our identity as Africans. Westernization was synonymous to Christianity in the views of many and that is what made ARS unique from other churches.

In our difference as a church, we faced prosecution from every angle but God has been right there on our side. Our 80 years journey has not been easy but God has been faithful.

To this effect, celebration of our growth cannot be overemphasized. For we have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord. And we know and understand that He is always with us.

It is an opportunity also for us to recognize the many sacrifices made by the founder and various individuals throughout the years to bring the church this far. However while we celebrate our successes, let us ponder and reflect over our position as a church. Let us think about the purpose for which God established this church and whether we are on course or have been distracted. We also need to reassess ourselves on the bases that..

 ” Are we continuing what our founder started”?

“What role are we playing as a new generation in building the Kingdom of God as the founder started before his death”?

“What legacy are we going to leave behind for the generations behind is?”

Jonathan Perez Quarshie/ARSOnline.Org

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