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ARSSU reaches out to the elderly people in A.R.S. (Series 1)

Members of the Apostles’ Revelation Society Students’ Union (ARSSU) at the Keta Nursing and Midwifery Training College on Sunday 22nd September 2019 launched an initiative to reach out to at least 20 elderly people in the church to mark the 20 years’ anniversary of the existence of the union in a period of one year.

The main objective of this serial visitation is to create time and fellowship with the elderly people in the church who perhaps by the incidence of old age, ill health and the likes do not come to church anymore. It was thought of as an opportunity to sit by them, listen to words of advice from them, pray together with them and give them presents to cheer them up.

The first visitation was made to the house of Madam Patience Axorlu, a 92 years old woman who was identified as one of the first Presbytresses who served in the earlier days of the church. Madam Axorlu, who in her youthful age was an active Choir Mistress became a Prebytress in her adulthood at Keta branch of the church where she served the Lord. In her own words, she was excited about the visitation and categorically stated that “this is just more than one of her life time achievements, to have his grandchildren visiting her, to see her, fellowship with her, sing and preach to her at home.” According to her it was the first time church members organized, remembered and visited her after she has been taken ill about a decade ago and could not make it to church. She encouraged the students to uphold the values of Christianity and avoid being part of the present leadership crises in the church. She called for unity among the members of the student union and challenge the members to go and visit other members who are bedridden and not fit to attend church services as a result of old age. “When we were like you, we played our part. We didn’t miss choir meetings. We didn’t miss church services. I hope you don’t give excuses when it is time to work for God. This is the only time you can have that strong energy to work for the growth of the church”, she said.

When asked to offer a piece of advice to the visitors, she said “all that I have to tell you is what you have done right now. I don’t have much to say again because you are living examples of what Prophet Wovenu taught us to do. I will just encourage you to do more. Prophet Wovenu taught us to visit the prisons, widows and widowers, hospitals, orphans and those who need to be comforted. This is the gospel.” The nonagerian was extremely excited and could not give up singing hymns and thanking God to have touched the hearts of the students to visit her. The close to 3-hours’ time spent with her was sandwiched with singing of hymns, prayers, benedictions, telling of life stories and self-introduction. Her favourite Hymn; “Nugawoe Mawu wor nam”

The glorious moment of fellowship became extremely emotional when the students were about to leave her premises. She wished the students well and continued singing while they left one after the other after an individual handshake with her. Her final words before they departed; “Please don’t be part of chaos, riots, and all kinds of bad practices and ungodly acts that go on in the schools. Remember you are different people. Remember you are different generations. You are part of a new generation for God.”

Israelmore Ayivor
Reporting for ARS Media.

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