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IT WAS A RAINY DAY….It was raining heavily on a Monday morning when I heard a knock at my door. I opened, standing before me was a young man with bushy hair, dirty shoes, well soaked by the rain, looking too unkept for my liking.Good morning, he greeted with humility , how may I help you? I replied displeasingly.

Please sir kindly help me with your umbrella if you have any, my journey is still very far from here, I promise to return it tomorrow morning. I looked at him for a while, suddenly some thoughts came into my mind. why would someone who’s already soaked be asking for an umbrella, what if he doesn’t return it? I don’t trust you, but I will give you, I said. But make sure you return it tomorrow as you have promised. I went in and got an old umbrella that i stopped using for months and gave to him. Thank you very much, he happily expressed and left.

Next morning, a knock at my door, I came out and saw two handsome men dressed in royal apparel. Good morning sirs, I humbly bowed in greetings, Good morning, they replied. Here is a present for you from our prince, son of the Emperor. I don’t know any prince, i muttered. They brought out a well packaged golden box on the top of it they wrote, “Thanks for yesterday” I said to them, sorry I can’t remember meeting or helping any prince yesterday, one of them brought out another present here is also yours from the prince, I excitedly unwrapped the gift in their presence; behold it was my old dirty umbrella that I gave to the poor young man yesterday. I screamed in tears, I didn’t give him my best, I had the best umbrella, but i gave him the worst (I wept bitterly) the voice echoed so loud, IT IS TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE. When I lifted up my face, both men had disappeared. Immediately I remembered the sacrifice of Cain and Abel in Genesis 4:3-6. Cain had the best but gave God the worst.

Brethren, please how is your service to God? Are you giving Him your best? or your Worst?How and what are you preparing for the Annual Harvest coming up. Are you going to give from your heart the best of your labour or you are going to give the worst as in being in the flesh?This is an open call for you and I to reconsider and prepare well before Sunday our best of the best.

Things to remember: be at peace with your neighbours: Yehowah does not accept sacrifices from the flesh: Let the birds, animals, fishes benefit from your sacrifice so they know The Society of Yehowah is sacrifice to Him. Let them feel the love and joy so their songs will reach out to Yehowah above. Finally share or dine together with family and immediate neighbours to clear all hatred and be in good terms with all before coming to sacrifice to Yehowah on Sunday.  

Let this story be your mirror every day.  Once  again Are you going to give from your heart the best of your labour or you are going to give the worst as in being in the flesh?   look into your life again and again and Answer the above Question.Peace be unto You.

Sought and Compiled for Yehowah’s Church.

Shared by The ARS Digital Media, 24th September, 2019 1:57am

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