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ARS Madina Youth Choir Holds Maiden Edition of ‘A Night of ARS Hymns’

The beginning of everything is always difficult but, it can as well be very easy depending on the enthusiasm and approach used. The ARS Madina Youth Choir, hosted “a night of ARS Hymns” it was the maiden edition and the first of it kind in the Church. Surprisingly, all the Hymns sang were heart soothing, coupled with melodious voices with beaming smiles from the choristers and the audience alike.

For most people, choral programs are all about highlife and dancing but, this was really different as the Mc, Mr. Israel Etorko Attipoe a Co-Mc to Mr. Nathaniel Coffie read scriptures from the Bible from which the hymns were composed. This also paved way to the hearts of the audience before the sounds of the hymns descended into ears. Mr. Attipoe is well known for his love for hymns , some people even call him “the walking hymnal”. The audience felt the presence of the ARS Haatso Youth Choir, when they gave beautiful repertoire. It is no doubt that program was a success; the ministration of the songs, organist, conductor and turnout on the part of the audience.

Mr. Xoapke Kpodo, the regional music Director of the ARS Madina Region in his speech commended the organizers for good work done, he also acknowledged the presence of the audience. He said it is always good to encourage each other in the lord, music does a lot for a person especially, it draw a person closer to God.

Mr. Bright Klenam Bedzra, the first national President of the Church’s Students Union (ARSSU) mentioned that the basis of all the the ARS hymns sang came from(the Bible) and also admitted the fact that Gospel has been preached, and the agenda for evangelism has been pushed. In conclusions, Mr. Bedzra said it was not a mere occasion but, rather it has brought people together and he hailed the organizers of the program in the highest regard.

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