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Friends in the Name of the Lord

What makes a true friend? Common interest, convenience, mutual gain will bind people together for a time. But when trouble arrives, friends can quickly become enemies.

Jonathan and David stand out as great model of true friendship. King Saul burned with an insane jealousy of David, the slayer of Goliath, the one anointed by Samuel to succeed Saul. David trusted God and obeyed his commands. Jonathan was caught in the middle. As Saul’s son, he stood in line to become king and owed his father obedience. As David’s friend, he wanted to help him.

The moment of testing arrives. Saul seeks to kill David. David waits in hiding to get word of Saul’s intent. Jonathan stands up for David and became a target of Saul’s spear. He realizes David must flee. At a prearranged signal, he warns David and run to him for a final embrace. In the words of our text he reaffirms their friendship. They were loyal friends because they trusted in the same Lord and called on him as a witness. Jonathan remained loyal until his untimely death on the battlefield. David grieved for his friend and later welcomed Jonathan’s son at his own table.

Only God can bind two people together in a lasting friendship. Because of our rebellion, we shun God’s friendship. Similarly, we betray friends when selfishness takes over. But God sent His son as Friend of sinners to die on the cross. Through Christ God has changed us from enemies into His friends. We can make friends with others.

 Reference: 1 Samuel 20:18-42

Written by: Pius Isaac Sedofia

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