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Loneliness is one of the pervasive problems of modern life. People live and work in large cities. Thousands work side by side in factories .Malls are jammed with shoppers coming from acres of cars in parking lots. Yet we belong to the “lonely crowd’. We feel isolated, dehumanized, and computerized. We develop a hard shell of indifference and apathy. We fill our lives with whirlwind activities and material possessions. We bury our heads in television and loud blaring music. But when the music dies down we experience a wave of loneliness. “Does anyone care? Will anyone reach out to me? If I were to die, would it make any difference?”

Loneliness is as old as the psalmist, who in near despair cried out the words of our text. Tormented by his enemies, reduced to skin and bones, he felt desperately alone and even rejected by God. Can such intense loneliness be lifted ?

Loneliness affected the son of God, who was born in a barn, rejected by His hometown, deserted by His Disciples, and even forsaken by God in the cross when He cried, “My God, why have you forsaken me? (Mark 15:34)

By his loneliness, Jesus made certain that nothing could ever separate us from his love. He shouldered our sins and defeated our enemies on the cross. Before He ascended into heaven, Jesus promised that He would be with us always. God incorporates us into the fellowship of His church, where we continually meet Him in Word and Sacraments and also meet loving, caring brothers and sisters. Loneliness is lifted.

REFERENCE: Psalm 102

Written by: Pius Kedem Sedofia

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