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ARS Abeka Branch Surprises ARS Digital Media; Donates Cash to Support Their Project

The ARS Abeka branch brought joy to ARS Digital Media, the ARS Church’s media group when they donated a cash of 1,200.00 to them to purchase a Sound Card, a device that will aid them in their online radio production.

This was after the group embarked on a branch tour to solicit for support and to also educate the Church on their projects.

The Abeka branch being one of the branches toured, was the first and only branch to extend their hands to the group as an encouragement to continue their work.

The cash was given to the group by the acting RSM of the Abelenkpe Region, Rev. Etorko Gbeku.

The Assist. General Manager of the group, Kelvin Akpalu, speaking to the congregation on behalf of the media group, eulogised the congregation and expressed gratitude for their generosity.

The ARS Digital Media is the official media group of the Church of Apostles Revelation Society which was established barely a year ago. The group has over the months being able to bring the Church together in one virtual community where members of the Church worldwide and non members are updated on live events happening at various branches of the Church despite the numerous problems it (the group) is facing in the area of finance.

The group is using this medium to call on individuals, groups and the leadership of the Church to come to their aid to be able to fulfill their objectives and vision for the betterment of the Church as far as the media is concerned.

Sefa Sedofia/arsonline.org

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