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Generosity is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need.

Generosity, which is the quality of being kind or generous may be a quality you have because you love to help others and it brings you joy and peace knowing that you helped someone. Being generous is something that others may love about you because, they know when they don’t have a friend to depend on with others, they can always call you and you will always be there. Generous people are around to help in during good, bad, and ugly situations

Whatever the motivation, generosity is often misunderstood. Many suspect the generous person of ulterior motives. Very often, those who can’t conceive of generosity themselves harbor this suspicion. They judge the generous according to their own bias of seeking profit or advantage for their own cause.

Since generosity is misunderstood, sometimes even despised, it’s difficult to be generous in this age of obsession on the self.

Generous people themselves seldom understand why their generosity is suspect. They give, and they feel punished for their gift: words are said about them, they are marginalized, motives are attributed to them, and they are made to feel that they have thrown “pearls before swine”. Some people when do good to them will praise you but later say bad things behind you.

Being generous to an opposite sex can be very dangerous especially someone you admire or love. Be careful when being generous to a lady you love when she has not yet giving her love to you, when there is a mix-up on the side of love, She might think your generosity to her is to win her love and if care is not taken might turn your good to be bad. Meanwhile it’s not a crime to be generous to someone you love or admire. However, if you know who to help and when to help them, you will never have to worry.

Generosity may be a prerequisite for healthy and meaningful relationships, but an utter inability to set boundaries can lead you to resentment, exhaustion, emotional shutting down and depression.

Some few may begin to place conditions on their gift of time or money, to protect themselves from being hurt. After all, if their gift isn’t respected, why should they open their hand and heart so widely?

Fortunately for the world, generous people won’t stop giving, because they can’t. Generosity is in their very nature. That’s why there will always be volunteers, no matter how poorly they’re appreciated. And there will always be donors, despite what’s said of them. It’s those who don’t appreciate the gift who are the poorer. After all, “What comes around, goes around”.


Written by: Pius Kedem Sedofia

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