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Recap of Wednesday Activities at ARS 79th Anniversary

Wednesday, 26th December, 2018, was set aside for choirs to pitch their strengths against each other. Eleven (11) choirs were involved in this year’s choral competition. The winners of the last edition were first to sing, enabling them to bring back their trophies.

This year’s competition song was ARS Hymn 2, “Makafu aƒetɔ ƒe dɔmenyonyo”, composed by Rev. R.K. Nutsuakor and Mr. Lumor Dzoboku.  At the end, ARS Evadem-Amadahome, Togo, was adjudged the best choir of the year. Other choirs from other branches were also called to minister, though. Sermons and teachings were made, to which the congregants listened with very rapt attention. Efo Kafukafu spoke to some choristers and choirmasters exclusively. Notable among them were Mr.Israel Nanevi Maweta, former music director of ARS and Francis Esenyegbe Osei Tutu, a circular musician, who just won an award for the best Hip Pop music of the year 2017/18.

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