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A Recap of Thursday Activities at ARS 79th Anniversary

Thursday service started with Mama Kekelifia Aƒeanyetɔnye I, Prophet Wogbloexo and a host of other prominent pastors visiting Gbedzi to a rousing welcome. The Women Council group of the church was called upon to welcome Mama and her entourage with some songs, which they did with joy. Mama Afeanyetɔnye I, Prophet Wogbloexo and Zikpuitor, Bishop Gershon Senyezi Wovenu took turns to speak to the cheering crowds on the need for peace and unity in ARS.

Apostle CK Attipoe thanked Mama and her entourage for the visit and took up the challenge of working towards peace and unity in the church, as it was before the demise of the Founder of the church, Prophet CKN Wovenu.

The day also saw the awarding of trophies and certificates to the winners of this year’s choral competition which was held the previous day. Nsawam ARS took the third (3rd) position while the second (2nd) position went to Galilea No.1. The overall best choir for the year, 2018, went to ARS Evadem-Amadahome, from Togo.

The High Priest, Nyeenyami Etse Wovenu prayed fervently for all the choirs, seeking for God’s divine guidance, protection and direction for each and everyone involved directly or indirectly to music in the church.

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