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ARS Celebrates Founder’s Centenary Anniversary and the Birth of Jesus Christ

The Church of the Apostles Revelation Society marked the Centenary celebration of the birth of the founder and Prophet of the church in grand style at the church premises on Tuesday, the 25th of December, 2018.

The church service begun at exactly 11:00am with a call to prayer by the High Priest, Nyeenyami Etse Wovenu, followed by the Church’s anthem. 

Fo Etse Agbemabiase was announced as the MC for the day. 

To mark the Centenary celebration of the birth of Prophet CKN Wovenu, a book dubbed, “Magava” (I Shall Return), with the theme,  “Upholding  the mission  and legacies of Prophet CKN Wovenu 100 years and beyond : The role of the leadership, the clergy and the entire membership” was launched by Rev. Azadagli of Ho Kekeli Branch. He read parts of the book that  opined that Prophet Wovenu was Jesus Christ incarnate.

He also urged the congregants to buy the book and gather more information about the Prophet for themselves.  Rev. Mrs. Gladys Gbetodeme Nyamadi bought the first book for One Thousand Ghana Cedis. Another four books were sold for Five Hundred Ghana Cedis each. 

The prices were reduced till it reached Twenty Ghana Cedis where the sellers were mobbed for the books. 

Torgbui Akabah VI of Anyako was introduced as the Chairman of the occasion. He was supported by Torgbui Adzale of Lome, Togo.

A lengthy welcome address most of which talked about the life of Prophet CKN Wovenu was read by Mr. Benjamin Adika of the Abelemkpe Branch, on behalf of the High Priest. 

A Tutudo performance followed, to which the celebrants danced their hearts out. 

A sculpture of the Prophet was unveiled by the High Priest in his (Prophet CKN Wovenu) memory, right in front of the Wovenu Memorial Office Complex.

Funds were raised in aid of the construction of a proposed Prophet Wovenu Memorial Centre. Dzidzorli drummer troupe from Ghanakpui were called to entertain the congregants. A splendid performance was put up by the young boys and girls to the admiration of all. 

Torgbui Akaba VI gave his closing remarks, commending the congregants for their comportment even in the midst of hunger and tiredness. He urged all members to emulate the life of the late Prophet, who is being  celebrated today by being at peace with one another. 

Mr. Adika gave the vote of thanks, followed by the closing prayer by RSM Rev. Antoine Wornu of Lome-Bethel. 

As the day also marked the birth of Jesus Christ, Apostle Tehn-Addy was led by the spirit to shack the ground with his powerful teachings and preaching to the congregant. Choirs were as well called to grace the day’s service with their melodious voices and powerful songs that soothe weary souls. Among these choirs that performed includes the dedicated consolidated Benin and Nigeria church choir, Pigfarm choir, Ayalolo youth choir, Madina Region mass choir, Tema youth choir.

The day’s word was taken from the book of Jeremiah 23:5 For the time is coming says the lord when I will place a righteous branch upon Kind David’s throne. He shall be a king who shall rule with wisdom and justice and cause righteousness to prevail everywhere throughout the earth”. After the preaching, women council was called to minister a song unto the congregant after which a teaching of Christmas by Tehn-Addy followed with reference in the book of Isaiah 8:18 “ I and the children God has given me have symbolic names that reveals the plans of the lord of heavens armies for his people: Isaiah means Jehovah will save (his people), shear jashub means a remnant shall return and Maer-shalal-hash-baz means your enemies will soon be destroyed”.

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