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VIDEO: A Recap of Friday & Saturday Activities at ARS 79th Anniversary

As members of the Apostles Revelation Society were highly anticipating the start of the 79th Missionary Anniversary, a lot of them started their journeys as early as Thursday, the 20th of December and some, Friday, 21st. Vehicles of all kinds can be seen in and around Tadzewu, the promised land, ranging from salon cars to buses of all kinds. Traders from all walks of life were not left out. Goods likes mats, plastic chairs and so on were on display. The whole community was filled with hugs, kisses, jokes and laughter as people ran into each other for the first time after close to a year or even more, in some cases. No wonder, some oldies term this anniversary “norvikporza” (friend-seeing festival).

Early Saturday morning was spiritual business as usual, as people woke up early as 4:00am to visit the tabernacle to pray. Individuals, families and groups were seen in fervent prayers.

Later in the day, church service was held, where church choirs performed to the admiration of the celebrants. Vows were taken by the celebrants which is a norm. This is done to seek God’s unending blessings as they also stay away from all sort of sins and atrocities. Tutudo, a traditional drumming group in the church entertained the congregants. The dance was so enticing that even the securities and reverend ministers were not left out of the ecstasy.

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