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ARSSU Embarks on an Evangelism Walk

As part of the 79th anniversary celebration of the Apostles Revelation Society, the student body of the Apostles Revelation Society, (ARSSU) embarks on a vast procession to augment and unify the members of the noble group at the Church’s 79th anniversary at Tadzewu.

All the chapters of (ARSSU) in both the senior high and tertiary level took part in the walk. This followed with a lot of excitements with great musical tunes from the Edem Brass Band, Marshall Brass Band and various ‘Jama’ groups.

Alumnus in the likes of Mr. Saviour Aho, Mr. Etorko Israel Attipoe, Miss Sedem Adjei, Mr. Kafui Adawudu, Mr. Julius Evame Agbagba joined the walk.

The turnout for this year’s walk was quite impressive where Non- members also joined to support this initiative.

ARS Digital Media speaking to the President, Israelmore Ayivor, expounded on the reason why the walk was organized. He made it clear that as it is the principal duty of the group to spread the gospel, they could use that as a channel to inform the celebrants of the second coming of Christ and that was displayed on placards.

ARSSU has recently been since igniting the gospel digitally which many have describe as a good step to help grow the spiritual aspect of the group.

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