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The Passover and its Importance

The celebration of Passover is in remembrance of the time in Israel’s history when the Lord moved through Egypt destroying the first born of all people and animals (Read Exodus 11 and 12.) This was the final of the ten plagues God visited upon Egypt designed to force Pharaoh to let the Israelites leave the country and their captivity. The Israelites were commanded by God to take the blood of a male lamb one without blemish and smear it on the door posts of their houses.When the Lord saw the blood, He would “pass over” that house. This is a foreshadowing of the spotless Lamb of God, Jesus, whose blood would cover the sins of those who believe in Him, causing God’s judgment to pass over them.

When the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt, Africa, their salvation was secured through the ceremony of the “Passover.”

There it was the “blood of a lamb” that enabled death to Passover them. So, they were saved by a “blood covenant” in the Passover ceremony.

God was explicitly clear on the role of blood in securing their salvation from bondage at the time.

And there, it was instructed that the “ceremony” becomes a festival for all generations. In order for them not to skew the essence of the ceremony (i.e. the role of the blood), God didn’t want them to see the meat but rather the blood of the lamb as the essence of the whole ceremony. According to the Bible, they were somehow being prevented from enjoying the meat so that their attention wouldn’t be on the meat when it’s being observed down the ages. That’s why strict rules characterized the”eating” of the meat.

You can see in the scriptures, the way enjoyment of the meat was being strategically curtailed:

1. Eating whilst standing.

2. Eating should begin only in the evening.

3. None should be left for the next day.

4. Should be eaten with unleavened cakes

5. With loins tied with ropes.

With staff in hand

6. With shoes on

7. Must be eaten in a hurry.

The reasons why we don’t crack the bones of the meat is that, we’re not supposed to pay our attention to the enjoyment of the meat as if it is the essence of the whole thing. So, it’s not the meat, but the role of the blood of the lamb that did save our forefathers. As we eat the meat, we should always remember that!

You can see that God just wanted us to remember that it was the “blood on door post” that occasioned the Passover, and Not the meat!!!

So, what we have been doing during our annual anniversaries is just a commemoration of the salvation that came to our forefathers in Egypt. God has instructed us to keep it as a festival for all time.

Now, today, you know that Jesus is the Passover lamb that Moses used those days. God wanted us to be observing it till Jesus comes to shed His blood as the great Passover Lamb of God. Now, sin has passed over, we’re now heirs of the kingdom of God.

Read Exodus 12 upwards.

The celebration is just to trace the historical antecedent of the grace works of Christ from the Moseic times.

We still observe our “independence Day” right?  But we already have our independence long ago in 1957, right? When we observe independence today, we do so just to trace the history of our freedom from the start.

Same way, you tell the history of our salvation from the Moseic Passover to the Great Passover, Jesus Christ to add value to the Great Passover

Our problem is that we normally do fail to tell our children that now we celebrate Passover to give meaning to what Christ came to do with Himself.

Moseic Passover was physically significant, whereas that of Jesus is highly spiritual and divinely significant.

We still must celebrate Passover if you want to tell the history of salvation. Don’t forget, it’s to be forever!

By Pius Kedem Sedofia

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