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The Ordeal of Klenam Dogbe; The Lord’s Intervention

He could feel so much pain in his armpit and later realized it was a boil. The pain became so much intensed and started having a severe headache. He thought it was one of those usual headaches but realized the severity when all drugs taken to alleviate the pain proved futile.

Few days after, he began to feel feeble and this he suspected was as a result of the pains from the part that had swollen in his armpit and the headache. He immediately called on the pastor and elders of the Toman Branch so he could be healed with the healing auction, (a custom practiced by the Church when a member is sick). After the custom, he realized that the pains were mitigating but he could not fathom the reason why the boil in his armpit could varnish and affect another part of his body and this continued for sometime.

However, this rather increased his pain and he became helpless that he could not go anywhere. The only thing he could do is to be fervently praying and singing till night falls while on his sick bed. Family members were trying everything possible and the congregation was also doing their part in prayers during this hard time.

Before his ordeal, he dreamt that Prophet CKN Wovenu had visited his residence and performed a ritual for his household by shaking hand with them. He was the first to be shaken by the Prophet. This fortified his believed and made him to strongly have faith that he will definitely be healed.

He also dreamt during his sickness that, two pastors visited him with a herbal medicine to apply on the swelling part but he could not remember the herb that was given to him when he woke up. Instead of the herb and with faith, he called for the healing auction custom to be perform on him in place of the herb he had been shown in the dream.

Not quite long ago, he became strong as the fiddle and can now stand on his two feet and sing praises unto the Lord for his deliverance from the hands of the evil.

He encouraged everyone to have faith in the God of Wovenu and believe that he will rescue them in times of troubles.

Pius Isaac Kedem Sedofia/arsonline.org

Thanks Giving Service and Testimony

Rev. xorlali Dotse
Twi Translator, Joseph Semeglo
The Survivor, Mr. Klenam Dogbe
The Choir Master, Mr. Klenam Dogbe

The Congregation in a dancing mood on “Agbadza” rhythm

Rev. Xorlali Dotse



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The boil

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