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Torwomenye Kofi Ansah Honoured with Musical Concert

It happened nowhere than the University of Cape-Coast where the SMS Auditorium was set ablaze with powerful melodies from the various Choirs that participated at the ‘An Exquisite Moment with Torwomenye Kofi Ansah’.

The Cape-Coast Classical Millennium Choir – ARS could not hold back to organize such a mammoth event to celebrate the musical maestro, Mr. Torwomenye Binyedzi Kofi Ansah.

To heavily depict what he is made of, various Choirs were invited to join in celebrating the great musician who has massively contributed to the growth of music in ARS and Ghana at large. Participating Choirs were EPSU UCC, GNAAS UCC, Takoradi, the host Choir, Cape-Coast Classical Millennium and Efo Kojo.

The Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Samuel Quadjie in his speech commended the Cape-Coast Classical Millennium Choir for recognizing the contributions of Mr. Kofi Ansah and encouraged them to continue to hold on this virtue and build upon this since one of the pillars holding ARS is music.

The guest speaker, Mr. Worlanyo Nyamadi speaking to the congregation said“We are here to honour a very great man who is a product of ARS, Mr. Torwomenye Binyedzi Ansah. This was one of the youngest Choir masters in ARS. What I can vivdly recollect about this man was, one day at our annual anniversary at Tadzewu, he was leading the Abelenkpe choir and wanted to show off so he turned his back to conduct and unfortunately they could not hold the key. He wept and cried but that did not discourage him. He learnt a lot from it and built on his career. All what he says is discipline and obedience is the key. No matter how young you are, when you’re talking to him, he gives you the maximum respect you deserve. This man is humble and humbleness brought him where he is today. Some of us looked up to him that is why we have come far today. Anybody who comes up in music, we need to bow down for the person. Kofi Ansah didn’t get discourage in ARS because we don’t respect musicians in the Church. Most of them fell out and got way after they were nutured in ARS as musicians. I can count the number of people who developed their talents in ARS and that brings food to their table today and yet turned their back to ARS but this man (Kofi Ansah) has never than that. There was a time this man (Mr. Kofi Ansah) travels four or five days in a week just to come and teach Choirs in ARS. If you think this man (Kofi Ansah) has nothing for ARS, will he do this? The risk alone involved traveling on this road, not his own car but on public transport.”

He continued by saying, some of them are working on it for musicans to be recognized in the Church. He made reference to the bible and said ‘the Levite is supposed to be taken care of by the congregation. The Pastor is not only the Levite but the musician is a Levite as well’

The event was climaxed with a fundraising to support the concert.

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Cape Coast Millennium Classical Choir-ARS
Cape Coast Millennium Classical Choir-ARS


The Chairman, Samuel Quardjie

Guest Speaker, Mr. Worlanyo Nyamadi
Takoradi ARS Church Choir
Cape Coast Millennium Classical Choir-ARS
Cape Coast Millennium Classical Choir-ARS
Efo Kojo

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