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Huraaaaaaay! ARS Celebrates 79 Years of Existence Today

Prophet CKN Wovenu, The Founder of ARS

The Church of the Apostles Revelation Society began it’s 79th celebration with a born fire yesterday at all branches across the world.

It is to commemorate when the founder of the Church, Prophet CKN Wovenu arrived at Tadzewu to begin his missionary work hence the establishment of the Church (ARS). He started with seven Children where he led these children to preach the gospel to people. Many souls were enlightened through his evangelism.

The anniversary will be celebrated in a grand style on Sunday where all branches will march across the streets to honour the celebration.

On this day, all celebrants usually dress in colourful beads. These beads play a vital role in the celebration as it is one of the symbols that denote the significance of the anniversary.

The celebration will be climaxed at the Church’s annual passover feast at Tadzewu in December.


The Society did not originate from any foreign country but here in Ghana, West Africa in a village called Tadzewu near Akatsi, Abor and Dzodze in Ketu North District of the Volta Region. The APOSTLES REVELATION SOCIETY is a Christian institution established by Almighty Jehovah through His own elect, Mawu Fe Ame (Man of God) Charles Korbla Nutornutsi Wovenu as a fulfillment of prophesies. The Church believes in and is guided by the totality of the Holy Word as contained in the Bible – both old and new testaments. It was started on 2nd November, 1939.

The Society has been established to proclaim the gospel of Christ and the judgment as Christ himself announced when sending his disciples in Matt. 28:19-20. It is to prepare the souls of people through holy anointment for eternal life in Christ Jesus.

The ARS was registered as a church on 6th June, 1967 by the Prophet Wovenu the founder and then spiritual Head and the first trustee. Other trustees were:
1. H.D. Klutsi (chief clerk)
2. Matthew Akunor (accountant)
3. Nana Kwami Gyebi Ababio (Managing Director)
4. Harry Grunitzky (Chief Accountant)
5. A.C. Renner (Bank Manager)
6. NLY Aggor (Company Manager)
7. Yao Boahene (General Manager)
8. D. Y. Osei (Lawyer)
In exception of Matthew Akunor also an Apostle of the church, all the others were called back home.

The Society is open to anyone who has belief in the Christian faith and who is prepared to abide by the Rules and the Regulations of the society and whose name is inscribed in the membership roll book. The admission to membership is free.

The Society discourages all court actions against one another and recommends amicable settlement of all differences by the Committee to be set up the Spiritual Head.


Marriage Course:
In 1958, Marriage Course was established to cater for the study of marriage life because the enemy had seized homes to himself thus God asked Wovenu to teach or write about marriage life in the society, and reform matrimonial life. In 1962, he executed this order and wrote many pamphlets on the subject; and, according to God’s own instruction to him, he made all who have not married before God to do so. Thus it has become an establishment in the Society now that everyone should marry in the presence of God.

Moral Institute:
The church through Wovenu established this Institution at New Tadzewu and it is there that juvenile delinquents were trained.

Trade School:
When Wovenu realised that clerical business alone would not benefit so much, he established trade school where various arts are learnt such as Blacksmithy, Carpentry, Masonry, Driving, Sewing, Fitting, etc.

Theological School:
On the 11th of June, 1949, this School was established in New Tadzewu and it is in this school that all ministers in the Society do receive their training for the service.

Formation of Guards:
Wherever we assembled for our anniversary celebration, rogues and ruffians used to come from various places to rob the people of their belongings and thereby caused great unrest. Therefore in order to provide peace of mind for the people during our assemblies, a group of guards were organised to guard the people besides the government police force who often come to protect members during these missionary festivals.

From the inception of the Society up to date, the following are the sacraments performed: Baptism, Confirmation, Anointment, Administration of the Healing Oil, Vowing to God, Protection of Conceptions, Out-dooring of Children, Protection of Babies, Casting out of evil spirits, Mourning ceremony to widows and widowers, Ceremony of Sanctifying buildings, Ceremony of acquiring the spirit of one’s profession, spiritual Insurance of Property and Lives, Marriage, Burial, the Lord’s Supper, Installation of rulers (Kings or Chiefs), Ceremony of the protective Ear-ring, Ordination of Church Officers – Pastors, Judges, Presbyters and Presbytresses, Workers, etc.


As our Lord Jesus will greet, “Peace be unto you.” Luke 24, 36, the church members greet each other this way:
Morning Session:
The greeter: Peace be unto you.
Response: May the Lord bestow it; May God bless you
The greeter: May it be ratified or Amen

After Session:
The greeter: A good change to you
Response: May the Lord’s be mine; May the Creator send you yours
The greeter: May it be ratified or Amen.

Out of the religious realm, the Church of the Apostles Revelation Society, through its eminent founder and spiritual leader, has achieved so much for the society and mankind. The church focused its initial attention on establishing educational institutions throughout Ghana. In all, the Church can boast of establishing about 60 educational institutions in various disciplines in the nation. The church also founded six townships namely, Zion Awudome, Dededo, Kwamikrom Canaan, Otwetiri, Agou Agbetikor and Sanyi Fiave and provided them with all the essentials amenities needed for a good and comfortable social life.
The Church believes in the holiness of the Sabbath that must be used solely for the worship of the Lord and as a day of rest. As a result, the Church is the only one in Ghana whose members, their maids, servants, households, and assets are enjoined not to engage in any activities of profit or commercial nature on the Sabbath.

From its inception, the Church introduced traditional drumming, drums, and musical instruments into its formal worship. This was followed by torrents of criticism and ridicule from many orthodox churches and people in Ghana at the time. However, this practice has now become the norm and universal in all churches in Ghana and beyond today.
On 21st January 1950, the Gold Coast government court sentenced Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to 15 years imprisonment. On 8th September the same year, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made a request for Mawu fe Ame Wovenu to be allowed to come and pray for him. Mr. W.J.W Burton the prison superintendent granted the request and called Wovenu. Mawu fe Ame arrived at the Ussher Fort Prison on 22nd November 1950. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was escorted to the superintendent’s office at 12:00 noon by three prison officers. Mawu fe Ame made supplication to God on behalf of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and performed a special ritual for him. In addition Dr. Nkrumah was instructed on what to do himself, so that the Lord will have mercy on him for his early release from prison. In the presence of the prison officers as witnesses including Warder Freeman Tsoblewu, Mawu fe Ame told Dr. Kwame Nkrumah that he would not serve the 15 years sentence; he would be there only for three months and would be released and be made to rule Ghana. This indeed came to pass and he was released on 12th February, 1951 at 7.30 am.

Before the commencement of the 6 day Arab-Israeli war in 1967, the Israeli government sent a special delegation, headed by Mr. Cohen, to seek the Founder’s intervention with God on behalf of the Israelis. This visit was engineered by some Israeli agricultural workers in the agricultural station close to Tadzewu, who are very much aware of the powers of the Church. The message sent to the Israeli government was that the war would be won by them during 6 days of fighting. The Founder promised to present himself before God on their behalf during the duration of the war. This indeed came to pass and Mr. Cohen came back to Ghana in May 1967 to thank the Founder of the Church for his intervention on behalf of the Israelis. The subsequent state visit of the Founder to Israel still remains the best reception and recognition given by the government and people of Israel to a foreign dignitary.
The Osu Castle, which was the seat of government of Ghana needed spiritual cleansing in 1966. The Founder was invited by the then National Liberation Council (NLC) government for a week-long special spiritual exorcising and cleansing exercises. This was concluded with a special Thanks-Giving Service on 2nd May 1966.

The Church has been to the innermost rooms and shrines of idol worshippers to destroy their idols and the superstitions surrounding them. The advent of the ARS has brought a great relief and opportunity for conversion to Christianity to many areas of Ghana and Africa. It has removed the yoke under satanic covenants that people’s forebears entered into with the devil. This enabled many people and their descendants to later become Christians and members of the Church. These experiences emboldened many members who went on evangelism for redeeming lost souls for Christ.
The achievements of the Church are not restricted to only the spiritual realm but also to the physical, economic, and social fields. As mentioned earlier, the Church established over 60 schools which were subsequently taken over by the government. Currently, the church has a Nursery, a Primary/Junior High School, and a Senior High Secondary and Technical School and a Seminary for the training of its Clergy. From the very beginning, the Church established a divine school for Moral and Vocational Training for the members and their children.

Tadzewu, a remote pagan village in t he 1930’s has now become a modern Christian township. It was then linked by the Church with roads through Akatsi, Devego, Dzodze, Xevi and Abor. The Tadzewu Township is now provided with a Post Office, a Police Station, Portable Drinking Water, Electricity, Good Roads and others.
The Founder believed strongly in fully communicating with the members and in promoting the use of local languages. In this regard, in 1949, he instituted a newspaper called “MELE AGOO DOM”, meaning, “I AM CALLING FOR ATTENTION”. This paper is being regularly published in English and Ewe. It facilitates dissemination of relevant and important issues relating to the Church. At most functions of the Church, especially the annual Convention at the end of each year, all proceedings are translated into English, Ewe, Damgbe, Akan and French.

To promote peace and unity in the nation and to advance traditional leadership, the Church has established the Council of ARS Chiefs and the United Towns in Ghana whose members comprise only the Traditional Leaders of Ghana.

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