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ARS Digital Media Launches ARS Online Radio Programmes

On the 21st of October 2018, the A.R.S. Digital Media (ADM) launched their Online Radio Programs in Volta Region, Ho at Pensioner’s Hall involving six branches in the Region which include Ho Edem, Ho Central, Kekeli Branch, Unity Branch, Agortorme Branch and Sokode Etoe Branch.

Choirs from the various branches were present and graced the occasion including ARSSU Choir from Central, and Corinthian’s Choir from Edem.

The General Manager, Festus Sefa Sedofia, in his speech said, ‘Knowing the numerous advantages of digital media, the idea of using it enhances communication and information dissemination in the Church’.

He also said “Prophet CKN Wovenu in his book ‘STUDIES IN THE CATECHISM OF THE APOSTLES REVELATION SOCIETY’ which was prepared for ARS by the London branch in 1992 wrote about the aims and the seven duties of the Church. Two of the duties emphasizing on Evangelism, the first and fifth says and I quote:

  1. That the society should make known the supreme power of God by means of its works, miracles and signs and to enlighten the benighted.
  2. That the society should remind the world of the second coming of Christ and that awful Day of Judgment through its preaching of repentance to the children of the world, and that the society should be a fresh inspiration to tired Christians and an awakening to the sleeping.”

More so, he mentioned that this is an evidence of the desire of Prophet CKN Wovenu for every person to effectively propagate the gospel to the world since it is the core tenet of every member and the Church at large to do so. In respect of the first duty, Prophet CKN Wovenu has made it clear that our works, miracle and signs should be the basis on which we can edify the benighted.

Furthermore, he made it clear to the congregation that ARS Online Radio will be one of the medium that will carry out that fundamental obligation of the Church as it is the principal objective to propagate the Gospel through Digital means by assisting other organizations who are already on course with the calling to evangelize and win souls for Christ as a step of also fulfilling the core duty of the Church.

He went ahead and used the opportunity to commend ARSSU, Dedevakor, Health4ARS, and other organizations in the Church for their remarkable works by saying ‘When the works of these organizations are published and broadcasted, it goes globally and becomes another step of inspiring and enlightening the feeble ones in Christ’.

The Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Quarme Homawu speaking to the congregation, advised the team to set up principles that will guide the organization and further said the Media stands on the leg of ARS and therefore their projects should not be joked with.

He also commended the team for bringing up this this great initiative that he believes will go         a long way to help this great Church.

The guest speaker for the occasion Reverend Dr. Mawutor  Wovenu, in his speech touched on the benefits of using Digital Media in the Church and how it’s going to help propagate the gospel as far as the ARS Church is concerned.

The Online Radio Programs were outlined as; Nutifafa Nami, The Pacesetters, Word of Life, Church Bells, We’ll sing unto the Lord, The Clinic, Marriage Life, and Children’s Hour.

It was stated clearly that those programs that has two days on the flyer will be run once a week on the first days mentioned and will be repeated on the second days.

Check flyers for more details:


Perez Jonathan Quarshie/arsonline.org     

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