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Prophet CKN Wovenu’s USA Warfare; ARS Celebrates Victory Day

Today, the Church of Apostles Revelation Society celebrates ‘Victory Day’ to commemorate the trial of the founder of the Church, Prophet CKN Wovenu.

In 1986, Prophet CKN Wovenu traveled to Los Angeles, USA on his mission to spread the Gospel. On his arrival, he admonished the people to refrain from sinful acts and centered his preaching on bad mode of dressing. He enlightened the benighted and delivered many perished souls.

However, this provoked Satan and he contested with the Prophet in a physical and spiritual warfare at night. He claimed the Prophet had been tormenting him from Africa and had now come to the United State to destroy his works.

Invariably, a prophet cannot go without opposition or persecution. Just as the Jews did to Jesus, Satan did to Job, similarly, Satan also did to Wovenu in USA.

He requested the Prophet bow down to him and Prophet CKN Wovenu being a God’s chosen prophet neglected his request.

This became so fearful that Mama Kekelifia I, the Queen of ARS and Sister Akuvi who had escorted the prophet felt a strong emotion after seeing the Prophet wrestling physically with ‘No One’ and thought the prophet was sick. They quickly made available the healing oil (Dordami) to heal Prophet CKN Wovenu when he told them that it was an encounter he had with Satan.

Prophet CKN Wovenu earned a magnificent triumph over Satan after the All-Night warfare. God honoured and gave him the title ‘Dzidula Amemo’ and added, Anye Amesi mo makpor aw) nyuie na ame’. To wit, “You shall be the person I will consider to do good to mankind.”

11th September is noted and celebrated as ‘Victory Day’ every year by the ARS Church.

Sefa Sedofia/arsonline.org

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