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50 Years Remembrance Service of Mawu fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu Prophetic Missionary to Battor Observed

The Church of Apostles Revelation Society on Sunday 26th August, 2018 held 50 years remembrance service of Mawu fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu prophetic missionary to Battor in the North Tongu District of Volta Region.

The event was to commemorate the liberation of Battor Township from the Den of Snakes that took over the town some years ago and was redeemed by the supreme servant in the Lord’s vineyard, Mawu fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu.

Professor Wisdom Gagakumah mentioned in his acceptance speech as the chairman of the occasion that “he was 10 years when he accompanied his father and Mawu fe Ame C.K.N Wovenu for the redemption of the Battor township and so he is honored to be called upon to be the chairman of the 50th celebration.” He continued by saying that “it is a memorable legacy his father has made him to achieve in the history of the Church so he also came with his last born to the event and wish he will also transmit such an amazing grace to him.”

ARS Digital Media speaking to Mr. Godfred Tsorxe, one of the organizers and a native of Battor said it is a historic moment the entire Church must rejoice over. He recalled how these snakes bit many people and took their lives until Prophet CKN Wovenu was called by the Chiefs of Battor to intercede on their behalf. He performed various rituals to end the tragedy and the town was liberated.

The Highpriest Etsey Nyeenyami Wovenu, Mama Kekelifia Afeanyetornye 1, Bishop Verliane Goka-Wovenu and other dignitaries were present at the occasion.

The celebration was highly honored with different choirs from the various branches of the Church singing magnificently and melodiously in praising the good name of the Lord for the redemption of Battor Township which include; Battor Church Choir, Tadzewu Church Choir Dzemeni Church Choir, Toman Church Choir, Kotobabi No.2 Church Choir, Sokpoe Church Choir, Zion-Afram Plaise Church Choir, Nsawam Church Choir,Dambai Church Choir, Avutoi Church Choir, Akosombo Church Choir, Small London Church Choir, Juapong Central Church Choir, Afukpui-Agordeke Church Choir, Atimpoku Church Choir, Juapong Ahorlukope Church Choir, Ashiagborvi Church Choir, Ho Kekeli
Choir, and Akosombo Brass Band.

High Priest Rev. Etsey Nyeenyami Wovenu
Akosombo ARS Brass Band


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