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ARS Youth Association Celebrates Ten Years of Existence

The Youth of the ARS Church celebrated 10 years oof existence of their association. The event  started with a bonfire which was held at one of the Church’s premises at Dzodze.

On 24th August 2018, Saturday evening 8:20pm after the Togo Choir had heated the room with their hot choral music, the real competition began afterwards.

The choirs were called to stage based on numbers they had chosen during the balloting. Choirs involved include, Abelenkpe Youth Choir, Abor Youth Choir, Ada Youth Choir, Adenta Youth Choir, Adidome Youth Choir, Aflao – Denu Youth Choir, Thywill Youth Choir, Ashaiman Youth Choir, Assahoun Youth Choir, Aayalolo Youth Choir, Dzodze Youth Choir, Madina Youth Choir, Neva Eme Youth Choir, Pig Farm Youth Choir, Sagbado Youth Choir, Tadzewu Youth Choir, Tema Harbour City Youth Choir and Torgome Youth Choir respectfully.

The competition song was “ARS Sorheawo” (ARS Youth) composed by Torwomenye Kofi Ansah. After hours of singing, the judges gave accounts of the judgement on individual choirs rating choirs by points giving ARS Ashaiman Youth Choir first place, Habour City Youth Choir second place, Madina Youth Choir third place, Abelemkpe Youth Choir fourth place, Pig Farm Youth Choir five place.

During the Sunday service, the youth were encouraged to get more involved with God by doing their part to lift the banner of God and that of the Church were ever they find themselves.

The “ARS Youth anthem” again was sang by ARS Ashaiman Youth Choir and Habour City Youth Choir.

Lyrics Below.

Lift up the banner of Jesus.
Match forth with strong determination.
In trials, and strive, our daily lives, shall reveal Jesus is Lord.
Arise! Oh youth of ARS, stand for the truth in loyalty.
Service to our God, service to our Church shall be our charge to keep.

Verse Two

Lift up your hearts for Jesus.
Show dedicated and loyalty.
In deeds and in thoughts our daily lives shall reveal Jesus is Lord.
Arise and shine, arise and shine stand for the truth in loyalty.
Service to God, service to our Church shall be our charge to keep.

Also, in a speech given by Honorable Maxwell Blagogee at the event, he stressed that, the youth should try to work their way to the top by doing their part as individuals of the society and not to neglect the Church as he believes it is one of the important bodies in our society that helps keeps the youth in check. He was amazed at how the choirs in the Church sang so melodiously. He assured the church that he will do well to call on them when a Choir is needed for an event.

The Apostles also advised the youth of being more inspired to do God’s work and building God’s kingdom that can give long life and prosperity.

Medals were given to the choirs that got first to third place. Madina Youth Choir was given bronze medals, Habour City Youth Choir was given the silver medals and Ashaiman Youth Choir received the gold medals alongside the trophy.

Eli Mackbrooks Ashigbui/arsonline.org

Photo Credit: Dr. More Photography



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