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Wovenu Memorial Chapel Choir Celebrates 13th Anniversary

The Wovenu Memorial Chapel Choir of Musuku branch on Sunday successfully rolled out their 13th Anniversary celebration on the theme ‘Singing to God with Gratitude in our Heart’.

The event was crowned by some choirs  from the A. R. S Church namely, Musku ARS Choir, Ashiaman Zenu unity choir, McCarthy ARS choir Madina Central Choir, Abeka Youth Choir, and the celebrated Choir “Wovenu Memorial Chapel Choir.”

The various choirs put up a splendid performance especially the host choir Wovenu Memorial Choir, Musuku who moved the audience into an exciting mood.

Their main purpose of the celebration was to thank the Almighty God for more than a decennium of their existence. More so, clergies were invited from various branches of the church to grace the occasion which includes: Bishop Goka Veliane Wovenu, Bishop Senametor Tagbor and Bishop Gershon.

The guest speaker Mr. Xorkpe Kpodo, the music director of Madina Region spoke on the effects of Alcoholism, Fornication, Adultery and Pride with the reason that things of this nature goes contrary to the laws and commandments of God and make us lose the gift of God as Humans.

Bishop Goka Veliane was overwhelmed that most of the things she wanted to say was mentioned in the guest speakers speech and also thank those who graced the occasion and recommend Abeka Youth Choir that though they were late, they made it a point to attend the program and have the massive performance.



The Burma Camp – 37 – Musuku – Atomic A.R.S. Church Choir was born in January 2005, with fewer than ten (10) members under the direction of Mr. Mawuko Dogbe & Mr. Moses Goka.

Like all new beginnings, the choir faced several challenges including lack of a resident choirmaster, limited membership strength, lack of instruments and financial constraints among others. Through the inspirational leadership of Bishop Mrs. Veliane Wovenu – Goka and the elders however, the choir was not held down. Through the magnanimity of Madams Jennifer and Jane Nutornutsi, both members of the choir at the time, the first instruments comprising a tambourine and conga drums were provided to the choir. These instruments were in use until the first full set of drums was donated to the choir by Elder Joseph Tornyeli Amegah.

The determination of both elders and members of the choir, resulted in the choir having its first stage performance the same year, during the church’s 66th Annual Missionary Anniversary in New Tadzewu, under the leadership of Mr. Mawusinu Ansah with about twenty (20) members. The choir afterwards was briefly led by Mr. Worlashie Sekyi, Ms. Promise Amenumey, Mr. Wilson and Rockson Asemsro, Mr. Wisdom Adika among others.

Official Inauguration

Within five (5) years of its formation, the choir underwent a number of reforms to enable it deliver on its core mandates of singing and delivering souls to God. These reforms among others included the drawing up and adoption of its first Constitution through a highly consultative process between the choir and elders and the engagement of a resident choirmaster in the person of Mr. Philip Woetiam Alidzo.

The choir was then, formally, through the grace of God, inaugurated at 37 Bands Line, our then place of worship on July 11, 2010 by Bishop Mrs. Veliane Wovenu-Goka.

With the strong leadership and vision of Mr. Alidzo and support of Mr. Winnard Blewusi Mensah as well as Rev. Bismarck Kofi Nutsuakor, the choir began attaining rapid growth and recognition as one of the most consistent, disciplined and strongest choirs in the Greater Accra Region and A.R.S as a whole with  the membership growing to over forty (40) by December 2011. The choir has witnessed more growth and currently has a total active membership of sixty (60) which is under the directorship of Mr. Enana Dufe Enala with support from Mr. William Dzremegah, and is administered by a nine-member executive committee and three (3) patrons.


The choir continues in pursuit of its prime objective of winning and entertaining souls through choral music.

Through the help of Rev. Nutsuakor, Mr. Bright Aheto among others and in line with our vision of becoming one of the best choirs in the church with national and international recognition, we are pleased to report that, the choir successfully recorded a number of performances for Uniiq FM of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and GTV Life in 2014 and 2015 which have been aired several times.

The choir honoured several invitations as special guest choir to events outside the church where it represented itself and the A.R.S Church creditably. Among those invitations were the SRC Week Celebration and Fundraising Ceremony of the Trinity Theological Seminary and an evening church programme of the Abelenkpe Presbyterian Church among others.

The choir has also represented itself well at various choir programmes and competitions in which it participated including 3rd position out of 5 at the 74th Missionary Anniversary Choral Competition of the Church and joint winner of the 2014 Greater Accra Regional Choral Competition which was the last time the choir participated in that competition.

While these achievements in our view are commendable, the choir considers them only as modest successes which are signs of its future greatness.

Perez Jonathan Quarshie/arsonline.org

Mr. Enala Dupe Enana, Choir Director
Mr. William Melortu Dzremegah, Music Director

Sedem Adjei



McCarthy Church Choir



Mr. Xoakpe Kpodo, Music Director (Madina Region)




Abeka Youth Choir





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