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Anyaa ARS Celebrates Choir Day to Solicit for Support

The Anyaa branch of the Church of Apostles Revelation Society on Sunday celebrated its Choir day held at the branch’s Chapel. The event which was based on the theme “Join us Praise God with Harps and Voices” was celebrated to seek for support to purchase robes for the Choir.

The congregation was welcomed by the Choir President, Mr. Gideon Ahiaba. In his welcome address, he outlined the purpose of the celebration and the importance of giving to support God’s work. He also eulogized the current Choir executives for their efforts in strengthening the Anyaa Choir.

The celebrated Choir, Anyaa ARS Church Choir throughout the event gave a glorious performance to honour the day. The invited Choir, Mallam – McCharty ARS Church Choir also graced the occasion.

Rev. Hope Dzivenu, the branch pastor, giving the day’s sermon cautioned the congregation to eschew the habit of drinking as it is one of the acts the Church abhors. In precis, he climaxed the sermon with his personal experience and touched on the challenges he went through when he was a victim of alcohol.

The Chairman of the occasion, Mr. Agbolosu Dziedzorm also encouraged the congregation to give out of their own volition as it is one of the fundamental duties as Christians to give for God’s blessing.

Rev. Dzowoe and Rev. Hope Dzivenu
Mallam – McCharty ARS Church Choir
Anyaa ARS Church Choir


Glory, praise, honour and greatness be to Jehovah Adonai for carrying us this far, through thick and thin. May he continue to be our shield and buckler, now and forever. Amen.

The Anyaa ARS Church Choir was formed on the 14th of July, 1996 at Mr. Felix Nyadzi’s residence. It started with 10 members whose names are:

  1. Mr Felix K. Nyadzi
  2. Christopher Atsu Agropa
  3. Wisdon Kofi Danyo
  4. Daniel Nyadzi
  5. Joshua Nyadzi
  6. Mercy Nyadzi
  7. Janet Nyadzi
  8. Gladys Nyadzi
  9. Emmanuel Nyadzi
  10. Kenneth Noamesi Adatsi, who served as the choirmaster

In the year 1998, the choir elected her first executives and they are as follows:

  1. Felix Nyadzi – Patron
  2. Samuel Dorvlo – Chairman
  3. Emmanuel Nyadzi – Secretary
  4. Joshua Nyadzi – Organiser
  5. Godsway Folivi – Assistant Organiser
  6. Mercy Nyadzi – Choir Mother
  7. Celestine Adzogble – Assistant Choir Mother

Later, on the 6th of August, 2000 at a rally at Abelenkpe, one of the dominant members by name, Mr. Felix Nyadzi was resigned from the choir by the Supt. Minister Rev. John Noah Korbla Tagbor of blessed memory, with the reason that, he should support his colleague Mr. D.D. Avadzinu, also of blessed memory to effectively perform the roles of an elder. This was a blow to the choir, but the good Lord was ever faithful.

With God on our side, the choir celebrated her first choir day on 9th September, 2001 which was graced by sister choirs of Mallam and Omandjor. However, 3 years later, the performance and otherwise of the choir began to diminish and the posed a great challenge but the help of some faithful members, the choir did not collapse. To those faithful individuals, we say God richly bless you all.

In March, 2008, it became necessary to rejuvenate the choir upon the observations of once again, these faithful members. New executives were elected to man the affairs of the choir. This became successful amidst all challenges. Soon after this, we lost one of our valuable and faithful member by name Alfred Atsu Ahiable.

Aside our numerous performances, to lift high the name of the Lord, it came to light on 19th July, 2009 that, since the beginning of the choir, it has not been initiated as a vessel to aid in the spread of the gospel. The then Station Pastor, Rev. Edem Sogah and his assistant, Rev. Sampson Ativor initiated the choir in a solemn manner with the words of the Prophet Isaiah chapter 44:6-8. Upon the initiation sermon and cautions, the choir since then had an upliftment in her activities. Glory to God!!!

Currently, the mantle of leadership consist of:

  1. Gideon Ahiaba – Chairperson
  2. Esinam Mensah – Vice Chairperson
  3. Ismeal Adatsi – Secretary
  4. Bernice Dunyo – Vice Secreatry
  5. Adzo Avadzinu – Organizer
  6. Doris Ataglo – Choir Mother
  7. Veronica Domey- Vice Choir Mother
  8. Nevame Nyadzi – Costume Officer
  9. Gershon Gomado – Vice Costume Officer
  10. Gloria Nyadzi – Treasurer
  11. Kenneth Adatsi – Choirmaster


  1. Florence Amegah
  2. Isaac Armah

The history will not be brief without mentioning some personalities whose help has made the choir stand the test of time: Rev. Hope Dzivenu our station Pastor, Elder Felix K. Nyadzi, Mad. Florence Adzo Amega who bought the choir a Victory Melodical Horner for pitching, Mad. Regina Avadzinu, and Mr. Kelvin Kafukafu Akpalu whose help as the assistant choirmaster has made the choir move on very well. Those we have not been able to mention, you will still be in the good books of the choir, and we say may the good Lord richly bless you all.

The Choir now has a numerical strength of twenty-eight (28) members.

Kelvin Kafui Akpalu
Anyaa ARS Ushers
Mr. Gideon Ahiaba, Choir President

Mallam – McCharty ARS Church Choir

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