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ARS Women Council Celebrates 60th Anniversary

The entire Church of the Apostles Revelation Society in solemnity celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the Women Council on 29th July,2018, an organization established in the Church by the founder, Prophet C.K.N. Wovenu in 1958.

The core value of the women council of Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) is to adopt the power of Prayer. Whoever joins the women Council becomes a Prayer Warrior. The council must choose favourable days for their prayer meetings and this must be twice or thrice in a week.

The annual celebration took place at the various branches of the Church in the world. This celebration is held once every year to honour and value the women in the Church and also remind them and spell out their roles to play as mothers of the ministry as well as soldiers or prayer warriors of Christ.

Below are Some Roles of the Women Council.

1. The  Council should be warriors or soldiers of Christ and should be ready to destroy the empire of the enemies, and also casting-out sins in women in the Christendom.

2. To spread the gospel of God wherever humans establishes.

3. They should be God fearing women, virtuous and also build on existing laws of their maker . (Portray and sustain what God has already established).

4. Their works should shame the lazy ones who talk ill about the works of God.

5. They should be soldiers in the house of Christ, workers in the Lord’s vineyard and protect His works.

6. They should be Holy to take part in any activities relating to God and adhering to the Lord’s commandment should be their priority in life.

7. They should serve as servant’s of God and be able to cast out evil doing among others by sacred sacrifices through giving alms to the needy for the purposes of repentance.

8. It is their obligations to go by the forbidding stated in the Holy Bible: Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these, adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness… Gal. 5:19-21

9. Their contributions are in two part;

A. The first contribution should be geared towards the spreading of the gospel.
B. The second contribution should be given out in terms of trouble and should be done as ordered by the leader of the Church.

Other roles can be found in a book written by C. K. N. Wovenu “AMEKORKOEWO FE  FOMEDODO” (THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE HOLY ONES) from page 34 to 43.

In honouring the event, women were advised base on the core values of the council, men were also advised to respect the views of their wives in decision making geared towards their marriage.

Activities of the event includes readings of the founder of the Church C. K. N. Wovenu concerning the council, advise to both men and women in marriage and the youth, singing and dancing including drama from the various branches of the Church in the world.

To climax the celebration, fund was raised in order to support  the council.

Details of the celebration are flashed with pictures:


Greater Accra Region Women Council on Procession
Presbytress Akpene Yeboah advising women at the Ho Edem branch
Ho Edem ARS Women Council celebrating the day with joy
Deaconess Edith Nyamadi giving the day’s Sermon at Ho Edem ARS
Madam Naomi Zormelo reading the day’s sermon at Ho Edem branch
Ho Central ARS Women Council
Kakasunaka No. 1 ARS Women Council
Agbevekofe ARS Women Council
Agbevekofe ARS Women Council
Jasikan ARS Women Council
Madam Akumey giving the opening prayer at the Koforidua ARS Women Council Celebration


Mrs. Patience Adranyi preaches at the Koforidua ARS Women Council Celebration
Koforidua ARS Women Council
Celebrants at the Greater Accra Region Women Council Celebration at Abelenkpe
SNR. RSM Rev. Mrs. Kafui Akrofi & RSM C.M.K Gbevor

Madina Main ARS Choir present at the Greater Accra Region Women Council Celebration at Abelenkpe

Pigfarm Brass Band on Procession at the Greater Accra Women Council Celebration

Snr.RSM Rev.Mrs Kafui Akrofi
Mrs. Olivia Gamor
Mr. William Ntsuakor, Chairman of the Women Council Celebration at Abelenkpe
Greater – Accra Women Council Executives
Women Council Celebration Celebrants at Abelenkpe
Celebrants Dancing Agbadza with Joy
RSM Worlanyo Kulevume, Snr RSM Kafui Akrofi, RSM CMK Gbevor & RSM Christian Afortude


Reverend Ministers blessing celebrants at Abelenkpe

Perez Jonathan Quarshie/arsonline.org

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