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Destiny Helpers

Destiny’s simply means an event (or a course of events) that will happen in the future. Our destiny can be influenced by our choice or the choice of others. Each person in life needs a helper at one point or the other in the flight of life.

There are certain people that God has divinely arranged along your alleyway as you take one step or the other to achieve your goals, vision and dream in life. Please know that you cannot succeed by yourself alone in this world, because your destiny is too massive to be accomplished by yourself alone.

There is no self-made wherever; we are products of others. There are people who God has divinely arranged on your way in lifecycle, to make substantial contributions that drive the actualisation of your reveries. Heavenly contribution is a must, yet if you must be set on high, there are people that you must meet, otherwise, you are going nowhere. This is because they have a role to play in the episode of your life. God is the scriptwriter; He chooses who plays one role or the other in your life. You cannot but need people, not just anybody, but those that God has arranged on your path to help you in fulfilling your destiny.

GOD is the one who brings helper of destiny in our way. If God does not help you, not at all will a man be able to help you. Every single human connection will lead to spiritual disconnection. If a man helps you to be lifted, they will also plan to pull you down, but if God lifts you up, He will sustain you. God has planned your future, He links you with those who will help you achieve it. A great general called Naaman, who has leprosy took a little maid for his wife, and he was linked to his healing by the little maid. Just a single statement from the mouth of the maid, who was brought as a captive from Israel into the land of Syria resulted in the healing of the general.

Moses was born to liberate the Israelites from Egypt, Samson’s mission was to conquer the Philistines, Samuel’s was to be one of Israel’s great prophets, and David was born to lead Israel to victory and to become a king. John the Baptist was also born as a forerunner for our Lord Jesus. Our Lord Jesus became flesh for a purpose.   The angel of the Lord said to Joseph of the baby that would be conceived of the Holy Ghost by his would be wife. Matthew 1 vs.21 “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shall call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins”. In the same way, we are also born for a purpose.  In other words we all have a destiny.

You and I also need the help of God to fulfill our destiny. Brethren, who have you chosen as your destiny helper? Man or God?   Make no mistake, the only reliable destiny helper is the Lord Jesus. We need to connect with Him to reach that desired goal. God can also use human beings as your destiny helper. However, we must realize that just as there are destiny helpers, so do we have destiny killers. Make a critical assessment of yourself, are you a destiny helper or a destiny killer? Destiny killers are those who for no reason other than envy work to ensure that you do not reach your goal.   Their joy is to ensure that your destiny is not fulfilled. These people may not necessarily be witches or wizards. In most cases, they are people very close to you. They come to harm you with a smile.

If someone had promised to help you, but given you condition upon condition, such a person is not your destiny helper. If someone had promised to help you, but along the line, the person forgot to render assistance or help to you, it means you are under a curse and the voice of witchcraft has infected the mind of your helpers. Never worry when your helpers seem to forget you. Not every helper is for a life time. Your destiny helper might be anybody no matter the person’s status. Some helpers are sent to come and go. Others are sent to come and stay! No matter what is happening, you will never lack help. He says, “Fear not, I am with thee. I am thy God. I will strengthen thee. I will help thee (Isa 41:10). It is not reasonable to listen to that evil voice telling you that your helper of destiny cannot locate you again. At your toughest moment, don’t give up. You should always have the strong feelings that your hope is not lost and your helper has not forgotten you. Very soon, your helper of destiny will locate you. Never condemn yourself. The God that show up for Daniel in the lion den will show up for you too. Divine favour, Obedience, Good behaviour/attitude are some certain potentials you need to have to attract helpers of destiny into your life.

As you create time to read this article and connect with God, you will be connected to your destiny helper and all tears of sorrow shall become tears of joy in Jesus name.

Pius Isaac Sedofia

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