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Pig Farm Region Welcomes Senior RSM, Rev. Mrs. Kafui Akrofi

It’s all joyous as the Pig Farm region on 8th July, 2018 held a  welcome ceremony for the senior regional superintendent minister, Reverend Kafui Akrofi.

The ceremony was to officially welcome the Senior RSM to the region and to mark her selfless contributions to the growth of ARS.

The event had members in the region turning out in their numbers to warmly welcome the S/RSM and this clearly reveals that she has tremendously contributed so much to the growth of the Church and has impacted many lives positively as a Reverend Minister.

All Choirs present were dressed in their beautiful regalia and their stunning performances dignified the celebration which threw everyone into excitement.

ARS Digital Media speaking with Rev. Mrs. Kafui Akrofi revealed that she was born in the Church and was made to join the Aayalolo Choir at age 9, a decision which was made by her mother. She further corroborated her achievements in the Church which was read by Mr. Saviour Aho.

Tap and follow the link below to watch the interview

VIDEO: A Brief Interview with S/RSM Rev. Mrs Kafui Akrofi at her Welcome Ceremony at Pig Farm Region

Below is a brief profile of Rev. Mrs. Kafui Akrofi:

  1. Born in 1951 at Koforidua in the Eastern Region of Ghana.
  2. In 1960, when she was nine years the mother, Madam Vicentia Dumakor, (May her soul rest in peace) who was also a choirister in the Aayalolo choir made her joined the choir.
  3. In 1962 the Prophet St. Prophet C.K WOVENU took the Aayalolo choir to Takoradi to baptize the brothers and sisters, Togbui Kluvia, Madam Mary Maduvi Kpodo and other brothers and sisters and burnt all their fetish items, and opened the Takoradi branch at Adokope.
  4. In 1966, she was in a choir when the National Liberation Council (NLC), the interim government of Ghana convened a ceremony of dedication at the Christiansburg castle, Osu-Accra where St. Prophet C.K.N WOVENU officiated. In all, she lived in the choir for 19 years.
  5. In 1972, she completed her secondary education.
  6. In 1974, she worked at the Ghana Supply Commission as a shipment officer.
  7. In 1978, she resigned and joined the husband Mr. Akrofi (May his soul rest in peace) in Kumasi.
  8. In 1979, she was ordained a Reverend Minister among the group called 489 by the founder and leader of A.R.S Prophet C.K.N WOVENU at New Tadzewu in the Volta Region. Since she was then in Kumasi and worshipping in the main branch at South Sutrensu, she started her pastoral duties there under the tutelage of Bishop Atta. She also served under the late Apostle Opoku and the late Regional Minister Acquaku. After worshipping with the branch for about five years, under the tutorship of R.S.M Lawyer Acquaku, she opened a new branch at Kumasi Asafo in 1986. Within a spate of three years, Kumasi Asafo grew by leaps and bounds and became one of the strongest branches in A.R.S.
  9. In 1989, she opened another new branch at Agogo also in the Ashanti region where she met the Yevu families, during the tenure of Apostle Mathew Akunor who was transferred from the Greater Accra to the Ashanti Region.
  10. In 1990, she relocated from the Ashanti region to the western region to join the husband who was transferred from the Ashanti region to the western region. In the western region, she served under the late R.S.M Godson Abotsigah who gave her Beposo branch as her station as the prophet authorized him to do.
  11. In 1992, she opened a new branch at Manso being her first branch in the western region.
  12. In 1993, she opened another branch at Mamponso about 53miles from Takoradi.
  13. In 1994, by dint of hard work, R.S.M Godson Abotsigah promoted her to a district pastor and Beposo became the district head with Ohiamadwen, Asraku, Manso and Mamponso under it. R.S.M Godson Abotsigah was then transferred to Hohoe and she served under R.S.M Mark Ati who was brought to the western Region.
  14. In 1995 she opened the Effiekuma branch in Takoradi.
  15. In 1997, she opened yet another branch at shama-beach being her last station before leaving for the Greater Accra Region.
  16. In 1998, she was promoted to the rank of regional superintendent minister by the prophet himself.
  17. In 2008, the Apostle selected her to Assistant Apostle.
  18. In 2013, a new position was created between the Apostles and the Regional Ministers which is the senior Regional Minister. She was then promoted to a Senior Regional Superintendent Minister.


As a Regional Superintendent Minister, she worked so hard to achieve several first in Church progress and development. One of such first is the acquisition of A.R.S cemetery at Beposo, an issue which is very dear to the heart of all A.R.S, particularly, the prophet who gave the directive.

Also she established a gari factory in the district.

Another is the chapel building she renovated etc.

Opened several branches in A.R.S.

Won many souls into the Christian faith.

In an interview with her son, Mr. Akrofi revealed he believes in his mother and she is capable of bringing the people in the region together. He attributed this to the fact that there were a lot of challenges in Takoradi branch and through her efforts, she made unity prevailed among the members.

Check out for photos of the event below

Nana Sanahene (Chairman)
The Shepherds with Rev. Mrs. Kafui Akrofi & Rev. Afeke
Reverend Ministers
Ashaiman ARS Youth Choir
LA ARS Church Choir


Rev. Janet Agbemavor Aflakpui
Pig Farm Church Choir
Chantang ARS Church Choir
Abelenkpe ARS Youth Choir


The Shepherds
Revelation Gospel Choir
Pig Farm Brass Band

Sefa Sedofia/arsonline.org



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