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The Battle For Our Destiny

My fellow brothers and Sisters, Child of God, the greatest battle we will fight on earth is the battle of destiny; the greatest challenge we need to face in life is the challenge of destiny. Satan and his cohorts dislike our destiny and that is why they will keep on fighting in order to kill and destroy it. There are many destiny killers who are fighting to destroy the glorious destiny that God has packaged for us. We must understand that God in His infinite mercy can never give you a polluted destiny.

Every man or woman that God has created, He establishes a glorious destiny for him or her but destiny killers are the people who will tamper with his or her destiny. Beloved, we pray that as we sincerely meditate upon this message nothing will harm our destiny in Jesus name. For our destiny needs to be fulfilled in this end time, we need to engage in several battles. A scenario behind the destined of Samson was that his destiny was foretold by an angel and not a man but destiny killers succeeded in destroying that glorious destiny that was given to him by God. Read Judges 13:1-5. The bible says the mother of Sampson was barren for many years and one particular day an angel of the Lord visited her and told her she would conceive and bear a child and he would be great. God predicted his destiny but Satan was not happy and he planned to shatter it.

Enemies are fighting round the clock to make sure your glorious destiny is killed. If enemies can destroy the destiny of somebody that an angel predicted before he was conceived then you must fasten your prayer belt because you have a great battle to fight.

A man whose destiny was foretold had his destiny destroyed on the laps of Delilah. Samson became a laughing stock to the Philistines; his two eyes were removed and he became an entertainer to his enemies, the enemies who hitherto feared him. From the foregoing we can see that the battle of destiny is a powerful battle; it is not a battle that we can fight a day; it is a continuous battle. We need to fight because our destiny is everything; whatever we will become on earth is your destiny. If we start to experience the negative side of life, it is not our destiny because God has not established evil destiny for anybody but a mortal being somewhere has done something to tamper with it.

Our destiny shall be delivered, in the name of Jesus. Why did Samson fall? Samson fell because he failed to fight the battle of destiny. Though his destiny was proclaim by an angel, he did not engage in any destiny battle. Samson did not pray anywhere in the bible against destiny killers; the only place where he prayed was where he was thirsty and asked God to give him water to drink and God made water to come out from the jawbone that he was holding . If a destiny that was predicted by an angel was destroyed then how much more we that an angel did not speak concerning our destiny! We have a battle to fight.

David was destined to be King but there was a giant that stood in the way of him reaching his destiny. David had a choice to make, either run away or believe God for a victory. He was not facing Goliath with only a sling but the was marching into this battle to obtain his destiny with the power of almighty God. In this world we have destiny killers, destiny changers, destiny polluters, people who can mortgage destiny, people who can bury destiny and powers that can sit on destinies. Enemies are sitting on the destinies of a lot people in this end time.

Pius Isaac Sedofia

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  1. So so so inspiring and factual.
    Man really aught to pray and save his destiny

  2. Eleagbe Francis

    Sure. We need to rise up and fight for it.
    Thanks very much.

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