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The Supremacy of Submission

Submission is an often misused word. It does not mean becoming a doormat. Christ at whose name ‚Every knee shall bow in heaven and on earth and under the earth‛ (Philippians 2:10) submitted his will to the Father, and we honor Christ by following his example. When we submit to God, we become more willing to obey His command to submit to others; that is, to subordinate our rights to others. In marriage relationship both husband and wife are called to submit. For the wife this means willingly following her husband’s leadership in Christ. For the husband it means putting aside his own interests in order to care for his wife. Submission is rarely a problem in homes where both spouses are in strong relationships with Christ and where each is concerned for the happiness of the other.

Why did Paul tell wives to submit and husbands to love? Perhaps Christian women, newly freed in Christ, found submission difficult; and Christian men, used to the Roman custom of giving unlimited power to the head of the family, were not used to treating their wives with respect and love. Of course both husbands and wives should submit to each other (Ephesians 5:21), just as both should love each other.

In Paul’s day, the lot of women, children, and slaves was to submit to the head of the family – slaves until they were freed, male children until they grew up, and women and girls their whole lives. Paul emphasized the equality of all believers in Christ (Galatians 3:28), but he did not suggest overthrowing Roman society to achieve it. Instead, he counseled all believers to submit to one another by choice wives to husbands and also husbands to wives, slaves to masters and masters to slaves; children to parents and parents to children. This kind of mutual submission preserves order and harmony in the family while it increases love and respect among family members.

Although some people have distorted Paul’s teaching on submission by giving unlimited authority to husbands, we cannot get around it, Paul told wives to submit to their husbands. The fact that a teaching is not popular is no reason to discard it, according to the Bible, The man is spiritual head of the family and his wife goes along with his leadership. But real spiritual leadership is service. Just as Christ served the disciples, even to the point of washing their feet, so the husband is to serve his wife. A wise and Christ-honoring husband will not take advantage of his role, and a wise and Christ-honoring wife will not try to undermine her husband’s leadership. Either approach causes disunity and friction in marriage.

Marriage is not a practical necessity or a cure for lust, but a picture of the relationship between Christ and his church! Why the apparent difference? Paul’s counsel in 1 Corinthians was designed for a state of emergency during a time of persecution and crisis. Paul’s counsel to the Ephesians was more a theology of marriage. Marriage, for Paul, is a holy union, a living symbol, a precious relationship that needs tender, self –sacrificing care.

Paul devotes twice as many words to telling husbands to love their wives as to telling wives to submit to their husbands. How should a man love his wife? 1. He should be willing to sacrifice everything for her. 2. He should make her well-being of primary importance 3. He should care for her as he cares for his body. No wife needs to fear submitting to a man who treats her in this way.

The union of husband and wife merges two persons in such a way that little can affect one without also affecting the other. Oneness in marriage does not mean losing your personality in the personality of the other. Instead, it mean caring for your spouse as you care for yourself, learning to anticipate the other person’s needs, helping the other person become all he or she can be. The creation story tells of God’s plan that husband

and wife should be one. (Genesis 2:24), and Jesus also referred to this plan (Matthew 19:4-6).


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