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ARSSU Ho NTC Chapter Holds Maiden Stewardship Summit

The student union of the Church of Apostles Revelation Society (ARSSU), Ho Nursing training chapter holds stewardship summit in commemoration of the chapter’s 9 years of existence.

The event took place at the Hon. Benjamin Kpodo block – Ho NTC where members from the various Ho ARSSU chapters participated and it was centered on the theme; SELF-DEVELOPMENT FOR DIVINE SERVICE‛.

Participants of the summit

Speaking to participants, Mr. Godwin Attah and Mr. Gilbert Mensah, the two principal speakers and all of ARSSU alumni expounded on how to strengthen the on-campus spiritual activities of the union. They further advised the students to adhere to the teachings of God so as not to go contrary to what the bible says.

Mr. Godwin Arthur
Mr. Gilbert Mensah

To give an in-depth understanding to participants, six other facilitators; Israelmoore Ayivor, Courage Mensah, Evame Agbagba, Emefa Adawudu, Jonathan Perez Quarshie  and Belinda Nyamedor supported at a roundtable discussion where members were given the opportunity to ask questions.

Jonathan Perez Quarshie, the Chapter president of the union, told participants how dormant the chapter was when he joined in 2015 but through the efforts and espousal of Courage Mensah, Evame Agbagba, Elorm Adawudu and Evans Agbagba, the chapter is revived again.

NTC Chapter President, Jonathan Perez Quarshie

The four were awarded with a citation from the Chapter as an appreciation for their immense contribution to the growth of the union by the Chapter President.


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